One Stick Ministries

An end time message for today’s Church

When the body of Christ awakens to its true identity, we will be that much closer to the return of our King and his Kingdom.

To the Church of Jesus Christ, it is time to unite in spirit throughout the entire world. It is time to be of one doctrine, one baptism and one Kingdom.  It is time to fulfill the Master’s prayer for his followers – that we may be one even as he and his father are one.  It is time for the Lord Jesus to shepherd over one flock as his coming back to Earth nears.  We can’t do this by maintaining racial differences and doctrinal divisions in the Church.
It is time to let go of all that separates us and become one in the worldwide presence of the Lord.  When we were born again we crucified all of the works of the flesh, all of our sinful ways, all of the bad habits and worldly behaviors, we brought them to the cross.  Now, the Lord wants more, he wants us to be born into his Kingdom.  He wants us to crucify our racial identities, our cultural differences and our doctrinal divisions.  He wants us to dismiss all of the walls of separation that are found in the secular world.  The Lord wants us to take on a new identity, our true identity, the way he sees us as the children of Abraham and of his Kingdom.  As this world sinks deeper into darkness and tribulation, the body of Christ is now challenged with more wickedness and satanic evil than ever before.  We are in Revelation times and Christ has made it known to his Church, that he who overcomes the same shall be saved.  We need to be overcomers and live up to our corporate name and corporate identity.  One Kingdom name was established when Jacob asked to be blessed by God’s angel and thus he said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”
Children of God we need to embrace this identity and be unified to meet the expectation of overcomers in the last days of the age.  We need to become the active and living Israel of God, the circumcised of Jesus Christ.